Help with Posten tracking (2024)

Get answers to most questions about tracking shipments. See frequently asked questions about tracking and retrieval below, or try our chatbot. No hits on the tracking number? First check that the parcel is sent via Posten and not another supplier.

How to track

You need a shipment or parcel number to track a shipment. You will get it from the supplier/sender. This is received on a text or e-mail from Posten –or it appears as a barcode on the message you received in the mailbox.

A shipment or parcel number may consist of 13 characters, consisting of 4 characters, 9 figures, 17 or 18 numbers. The entire combination must be entered, for example: CS111111111NO, 370733344455566677.

Track without login Enter your tracking number. Track via chatbot Get additional information about the status of your shipment. Log in with PostenID Track with the same login that you use in the tracking app. Download the tracking app Tracking app for Android or Apple phones.

Q&A about tracking

    • Is this a small parcel, franked with stamps, see the reply for "I miss a letter" under Shipments in Norway.
    • If it is a traceable parcel, you can check the parcel's status in the tracking solution.

    Do you feel that there is some time after the last given track, it may be that the parcel is en route between our terminals.

    For help or demand of a parcel, please contact customer service.

    • If you have a tracking number on a shipment, you can track. Receiver is often sent tracking number by SMS or e-mail from sender, or you will be notified by Posten.
    • For parcels you can track in Norway and in most countries around the world. It also includes parcels from abroad. You can follow the parcels in our tracking service until delivery.

    Registered letters:

    • Can be traced in Norway from submission to delivery. Should the shipment be sent overseas, you can follow the shipment from submission until it leaves Norway. The shipment is still in transit and will be sent to the address.

    Parcels in the mailbox:

    • You can track the shipment from submission to delivery in the mailbox.

    Prime Expres from abroad to addresses in Norway:

    • On arrival in Norway, we applya unique tracking chip so that you can track the shipment from arrival in Norway until delivery to the mailbox.
  • There is a different delivery times on our shipments.

    If delays occur on certain stretches, this will be added tooperationalmessages.

    • Norgespakke™and Pick-up parcelusually uses 2–5 business days depending on the distance.
    • Business Parcel, Parcel to the dooruses 1–4 business days depending on the distance.
    • Express next day. Shipping time for most places is 1 day. These parcelsare sent by air over longer distances.
  • Last status in tracking is the last registered. Between our terminals there is no update in the tracking solution. Some distances takes 1–4 days depending on the transport method.

    When your shipment has arrived at the terminal, it is normally forwarded to the pick-up point the same day or it is available at your pick-up point the day after. Way of delivery depends on type of shipment and transport method.

    • If your business supplier has been given your mobile number and/or e-mail address, you can be notified by SMS or e-mail on some parcelproducts that the parcelhas arrived at the pick-up office.
    • You will then not get any message in the mailbox. It will normally be sent a notice on day 1, day 3 and day 11 if the parcelhas not been retrieved.
    • Parcels that are sent to you by other than business suppliers, will not be given e-mail notice. Retrieving message will then appear in the mailbox.
  • If you have a tracking number on a consignment, you can track most shipments. Tracking for shipments abroad gives some limited tracking information. This is related to the mode of transport and the destination country's tracking system

    Parcels can be traced in most countries in Europe as well as some other countries.

    Registeredletters to foreign countries have limited tracking. Here you can follow the consignment from submission until it leaves Norway. The shipment is still transported and is sent to the recipient's address.

  • No tracking information is provided when a shipment is en route and transported between our terminals. It may take 1–4 days depending on the route and mode of transport.

    • Should the parcel be executed by car, it will normally run on the day it is registered arriving at the terminal.
    • Should the parcel be delivered from a pick-up point, it will be available there the next day after arriving at the terminal.
    • There may also be parcels where we will contact the recipient for delivery agreement.

    Delivery method depends on the type of shipping and transport method.

  • If you have provided your mobile number or e-mail address to the sender, your supplier may choose whether to notify you when the shipment is en routeor ready for dispatch. How many times you get notified depends on which service the sender has chosen.

  • If you have received a notification that is not for you, we may have received the wrong mobile number or email address from the sender. As you can get more alerts for the same sending, please contact us so we can stop further alerts.

Q&A about pick up

  • Parcels are available at your local pick-up office, which is either a post office or Post in Shop, or you can pick up in a Pakkeboks (parcel locker). The tracking will usually show which pick-up place the parcel is on.

    If you get a retrieval without a specified pick-up place, you can find this by usingyour address under the Posten address search..

    Our mail terminals sorts and reload the parcels and are not pick-up points for parcels.Parcels in category 3 are sorted all day and run collectively to the pick-up offices the next day no matter what time the parcel is sorted at the terminal.

  • There is different delivery times on our shipments.

    If delays occur on certain stretches, this will be added tooperationalmessages.

    • Norgespakkeand Business parcel usually uses 2–5 business days depending on the distance.
    • Business parcel, On the Door uses 1–4 business days depending on the distance.
    • Express Overnight: Shipping time for most places is 1 day. These parcels are sent by air over longer distances.
  • No. Our terminals are not pick-up points for letters or parcels. Only sorting and reloading takes place here.

    Is your parcel registered as arrived at the terminal, it will normally be delivered the same day or be available at your pick-up office the next day. Delivery method depends on the type of shipping and transport method.

  • The deadline for picking up parcels and other shipments at Posten is either 7 days with option to extend it; or 3 weeks. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests for extended deadline beyond 3 weeks.

    Sender owns the consignment until it is delivered and is entitled to return it if it is not retrieved within 14 days. Posten also need the space for other parcels and letters that are constantly arriving.

  • Others may collect parcels for you if the sender has not requested legitimized delivery.

    Shipments that must be collected by you personally will appear on the retrieval notification. In addition, some consignments as registered letters may be obtained with mandates and original credentials for both the recipient and the person who retrieves.

    Posten may refuse other than recipients to collect parcels if they are in doubt if you are the right person or have the right to retrieve the parcel on behalf of the addressee.

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Help with Posten tracking (2024)


Help with Posten tracking? ›

Where is my parcel? Check the confirmation email you received when you sent your parcel to find its unique ID or reference number. You can use this to check where your item is right now, or at any time on its delivery journey – particularly important if the contents are urgent or valuable.

How to track exactly where your parcel is? ›

Where is my parcel? Check the confirmation email you received when you sent your parcel to find its unique ID or reference number. You can use this to check where your item is right now, or at any time on its delivery journey – particularly important if the contents are urgent or valuable.

How to track mail without tracking number? ›

You can use the USPS Informed Delivery service to track and manage your mail and packages without the need for the tracking number. Simply sign up for Informed Delivery on the USPS website to gain access to tracking information for your incoming mail.

How do I find where is my post? ›

How to track India Post. Once you have your tracking number, India Post tracking is easy. The fastest way is to enter your code in the Circuit Package Tracker search above. You can also head to the India Post website and enter your tracking number into the Track Consignment tool.

Can I contact the USPS about a package? ›

For its 1-800-ASK-USPS customer care line, the Postal Service employs an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to answer calls, automatically handling routine issues such as package tracking, finding post office locations and hours, and submitting hold mail requests.

Can I track my mail by name and address? ›

By setting up an Informed Delivery service with your USPS account, you can track your package, but not by name. Another option is to use the USPS Tracking Number included when you mail a parcel.

Can you track proof of posting? ›

You can use the reference number on your proof of postage to track your items. Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide can only be tracked if you've bought a service with a tracking or reference number.

How can you tell what carrier a tracking number is? ›

You can use the carrier-independent ISO standard to determine which carrier a tracking number belongs to. This standard assigns a unique prefix to each carrier, included in the tracking number format. Here are some examples: UPS tracking numbers typically begin with “1Z”

Can I see if a package is coming to my address? ›

Informed Delivery is a free service from USPS that shows you preview images of incoming mail, as well as status updates about your incoming and outbound packages. You can see those notifications in a morning Daily Digest email, or at any time via the dashboard from your phone, computer, or the USPS Mobile® app.

When should my package arrive? ›

USPS guarantees Priority Mail will arrive in one to three days. However, USPS has extended this to up to four days during the pandemic. First-Class Package Service generally arrives in between one and three days, but it could also take up to four days right now. Priority Mail Express delivers in one to two days.

What time will my USPS package arrive? ›

All deliveries should be made by 5:00 p.m. local time Monday through Saturday. Unusual circ*mstances (such as traffic, staffing fluctuations, severe weather, natural disaster, changes in carrier route, etc.) can cause deliveries to be made after this time.

How many days does a courier take to deliver? ›

As per indian post guidelines it has to be delivered between 3 to 4 days.

What is the consignment number in post? ›

The receipt issued by India Post has a unique 13-digit alpha-numeric number referred to as the consignment number. It mostly includes 2 capital letters in the beginning, followed by 9 digits and 2 capital letters at the end.

Can I track a regular mail letter? ›

Regular 1st class letters do not come with tracking. It can be certified, insured or even registered at a price but a plain letter takes only a first class stamp & there is no way to track it without an additional purchase for that service.

Can you track regular envelope mail? ›

No. First-Class Mail does not include USPS Tracking®. Although First-Class Mail postcards, letters, and flats are not eligible for USPS Tracking, those items are eligible for other extra services that provide barcodes for scanning. These extra services can be purchased, providing some tracking information.

How do I know if my letter was delivered? ›

Certified Mail service provides date and time of delivery or attempted delivery when you access (under “Quick Tools,” click on Tracking) or call toll-free 800-222-1811. Upon request, it also provides a postmarked mailing receipt.

Can you track registered mail? ›

Tracking Registered Mail

Updated scans are not provided as the piece is processed from facility to facility. However, those mail services provide delivery information when a scan shows either a delivery status or information on an attempted delivery, which can be retrieved in several ways.


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