Thank you! December 2023 — ALEX KINCAID ART (2024)

You’re in!

Thanks so much for trusting me with your watercolor dreams. It is an honor to teach you how to use this beautiful medium.

Please keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days as I’ll be sending you a workbook and information on joining the privateFacebook Group!

I can’t wait to see you LIVE on December 4!


Thank you! December 2023 — ALEX KINCAID ART (1)

- Lessons take place inside a private Facebook Group. Once you have registered, I will send the link, information, and downloadable files to the email you use to sign up.

- Lessons are one hour long and will take place daily in the Facebook Group from 2pm to 3pm Central Time. They will be recorded and replays available until December 15.

- Please note, if you are already a member of my watercolor membership The Garden Studio there is no need for you to register. Watercolor Week and associated bonuses are included in your membership.

- This is a week full of feedback, step-by-step clear direction, proven techniques, giveaways, and some pretty cool surprises. If you’d like to dive into the day-to-day plans and logistics of joining this online workshop, keep scrolling!

Watercolor Week features five, one-hour lessons taught live in a private Facebook Group. During the week, you’ll be learning how to:

  • use and combine watercolor techniques

  • mix colors with confidence

  • control your brushstrokes to create expressive but controlled paintings

With those skills, you’ll create three finished paintings and a beautiful reference guide of loose winter greenery. You’ll also have a chance to work on both loose and more realistic watercolor painting.

You will develop confidence and find joy in meeting with a community of like-minded women who want to use the best materials as they pursue watercolor excellence.

If you struggle to make time to paint, this is the perfect opportunity to get the accountability and direction you need. Commit to your dream and take steps to make it happen during Watercolor Week!

This workshop is a condensed version of what I offer in my private watercolor membership The Garden Studio. It is designed to give you a glimpse into what you can accomplish and create with a little bit of guidance, encouragement, and community.

You will be amazed at how much you can learn in just a few expertly-taught lessons and surrounded by like-minded women who have also committed to learning a new skill. And you know what? Learning how to paint something beautiful doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Thank you! December 2023 — ALEX KINCAID ART (3)

Watercolor Week kicks off with a lesson to get us comfortable with our materials, supplies, and brushstrokes. In this class we’re going to start our greenery reference sheet, with a special focus on how to create expressive and controlled brushstrokes. We’ll use the shapes and objects we paint on Day One throughout the week, eventually incorporating them into our finished winter wreath.

Thank you! December 2023 — ALEX KINCAID ART (4)

Thank you! December 2023 — ALEX KINCAID ART (5)

On Day Two, we’ll be diving into a more realistic style of painting, building on the controlled brushstrokes from Day One. Using a provided traceable image, we’ll be painting a Holly Branch with bright, red berries and glossy green leaves.

Day Three gives us a chance to use my five-step process for drawing and painting any florals. I’ll be teaching you how to freehand draw a poinsettia and then paint it with wet-into-wet depth and wet-on-dry details. This is one of my favorite lessons of the week and the finished painting makes a gorgeous holiday gift!

Thank you! December 2023 — ALEX KINCAID ART (6)

On Day Four of Watercolor Week we’ll be adding finishing details to some of our earlier projects before diving into the first day of our Winter Wreath painting. I’ll be demonstrating how to create the base layers of a winter wreath while walking you through the fundamental techniques to keep in mind when painting something with layers and complexity.

Thank you! December 2023 — ALEX KINCAID ART (7)

Thank you! December 2023 — ALEX KINCAID ART (8)

December 8 is my birthday, so you’d better believe I’ll be doing some fun giveaways on Friday! On this final day of the workshop, we’ll be finishing our wreath and I’ll be answering any questions you have. You’ll also have a chance to join The Garden /Studio membership throughout the week!


Have questions? Here are a few popular ones!

  • Do you want to paint flowers with watercolors? If the answer is yes, this workshop week is for you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced watercolor artist, you are going to learn new skills and lesson from incredible value-packed sessions.

  • Daily at 2pm Central Time from Monday, December 4 - Friday, December 8

  • No problem! All of the live classes are recorded and added to the daily guides inside the private Facebook Group. Plus, I know you’re busy, so the replays will be available until December 15, 2023.

  • There sure is! If after the end of the first live class you feel like you haven’t gotten more value than you expected, I will happily refund you in full. Please email by 11:59 pm Central Time on December 4 for a full refund.

  • Oh yeah! I’ll be breaking down some basics in a way you’ve probably never experienced before. Aaaand…I have a very special offer for the total beginners available when you register.

  • Not at all! In fact, I teach students from all over the world in my private membership. I’ll be holding the live classes at various times during the week to try and reach as many people as possible, but there will also be replays available after each session.

  • Good question! While I try to make my lessons accessible for you regardless of what supplies you’re using, you will achieve the best results if you invest in a few, high-quality art products. Once you’ve registered, I will send you a list of recommended supplies and appropriate substitutions.

Thank you! December 2023 — ALEX KINCAID ART (2024)


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