The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1304 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)

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A Thrilling Taste(Tatum Paxley from WWE NXT)
After picking up the victory of Thea Hail, on the April 16th, 2024 episode of NXT, Tatum Paxley jumped into things instantly. She had her eye on the NXT Women’s Championship, but right now, Tatum had her eye on another prize, namely the Dragon. Tatum’s fingers grasped that rigid pole and she played with him, bringing the man before her forward as she rubbed him back and forth, teasing his co*ck.

“You don’t waste any time,” Hadrian teased her.

“Oooh, baby, with something like this, there’s not much time to waste,” Tatum remarked, brushing her fingers against his manhood as she pressed back and forth on him.

“So, I see,” Hadrian remarked with a dry chuckle.

Hadrian pulled her into a kiss and Tatum saw stars instantly, from step one. His hands worked down her body. She tried slamming him into the lockers in eagerness. However, the Dragon turned the tide and kissed her lips, sucking on it hard. Tatum and Hadrian kissed each other hard and Tatum pulled his co*ck out.

“Oooh, perfect as always. I can’t wait to enjoy this. Every last….gorgeous inch of this.”

Determined to rock his world as much as any of the other competitors on NXT or on the main roster, Tatum dropped to her knees and prepared for some fervent worship of him. Tatum’s lips planted all over that co*ck, sending a thrill through his loins beyond anything he ever felt. Hadrian let out another groan with Tatum licking him back and forth until his co*ck almost sprung up for her, tense and teasing.

“Mmm, go ahead and suck my co*ck,” Hadrian said.

And then Tatum squatted down and worshipped his amazing prick. She peppered every inch of him with kisses, licks, and slurps. Tatum knew precisely what she wanted to do, to leave an impression on the Dragon. And hopefully, when she won a championship, she would get so much more.

Tatum slipped those lips around his co*ck and he grabbed the back of her head. His rod pushed down into her throat and he pounded her, driving her completely wild. His fingers gripped the back of Tatum’s head and he plunged down into her. Her eyes gazed up at the Dragon, extremely expressively as she got everything she ever wanted. Her fingers just edged down the back of that head as he f*cked her throat.

“Tatum,” Hadrian groaned. “Getting closer.”

The sound of her name indicated the reward that was about to come. Hadrian pushed deep into her throat and with one more explosion, he erupted into the back of her throat. Tatum leaned in and slurped every last drop of cum into the back of her throat. Tatum leaned in and edged that hot, sticky batter all the way into the back of her throat, edging him completely to the breaking point.

He came down into her mouth. Tatum saw stars when she tasted the gift of the Dragon. Hadrian pushed deep inside of the back of her throat, and she pulled back. Tatum licked his co*ck and got a taste of the cum trickling off of it as she pulled back, a big grin on her face.

“Oooh, what are you going to….OOOH GOD!”

The next thing Tatum knew, he had her pinned down and he was licking her box. And that sent more than a few jolts through her, rocking her body. Tatum knew precisely what he was doing and she laid back and enjoyed the ride. She enjoyed Hadrian doing what he was doing, slamming his tongue deeper inside of her and making her insides just liquify with pleasure as he drove deeper inside of her. He leaned in and slipped that tongue down inside of her, making her jolt as she erupted for him.

The second Hadrian finished feasting on her, Tatum had to open her legs. And Hadrian was on top of her, sending a thrill through her body as he touched her. The teasing only increased when he pushed down inside of her. Tatum arched her back and got it, his co*ck pounded deeper inside of her wet box. He edged her and sent a jolt through her as her hips moved back and forth for him.

“I hope you’re enjoying your reward,” Hadrian groaned.


Tatum clung on tight to him. His manhood drove down inside of her. The eager competitor wrapped her legs around his body and pushed down inside of her. His rod slammed down inside of her and caused her to see stars when he pounded her. Tatum could feel it, he could feel it. His hard co*ck pounded deep inside of her and caused her to see stars when rocking the hell out of her from above.

“Go ahead. Lose it for me.”

And then, Tatum did lose it for him. Her box wrapped tightly around him and he slammed deep inside of her, rattling her body when he thrusted all the way inside of her. He kept pumping deep inside of her and made her cry.

Then it was Hadrian’s turn to lose it. He pounded her and sent a hot jolt through her body. The handsome hero plunged down inside of her from above and stretched her box, getting her really going and erupting for him, sending a jolt through her body in the process.

He leaned in and pushed into her. Tatum let out another cry and with another push, she could feel him. He kept filling her up, getting closer and closer to the edge. He erupted, pasting the inside of her body with so much seed that she thought she would lose it. Tatum’s eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Well, that was something.”

Tatum Paxley felt his hands drift behind her but he pulled back. He gave her one last loin soaking kiss for the road.

Well, determination filled her, almost as much as Hadrian’s co*ck did earlier. And it would someday fill her all over again.

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1304 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (1)

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1304 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)


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