Wartales Travel Post guide (2024)

While the turn-based battle system is at the heart of medieval RPG Wartales, you'll also spend a lot of time exploring the main map. It's a big world but luckily here is a fast-travel system, so read on for my complete Wartales travel post guide.

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How to get a Travel Post in Wartales

Are Wartales Travel Posts worth it?

Upgrading Travel Posts - Trade Routes in Wartales

How to get a Travel Post in Wartales

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While the game is split into several regions, each is of a significant size on its own, while some scenarios will see you having to travel to old areas too. I don't mind wandering the countryside, but it can still strain resources and patience after a while.

You'll find a Travel Post location in the main town in each region of Wartales, but they will only appear and be available to build once you've reached Level 4 of the Trade and Craftsmanship Path. This is relatively easy to achieve, as you'll level this path by doing standard game activities such as paying your companions, cooking, and crafting.

The locations and prices (in Region-locked Mode) are as follows:

  • Tiltren County (Stromkapp): 500 Krowns
  • Vertruse Province (Marheim): 1,000 Krowns
  • County of Arthes (Cortia): 1,000 Krowns
  • Ludern Region (Garussa Clan): 1,000 Krowns
  • Grinmere Province (next to Tavern of Fortunes Made): 1,500 Krowns
  • Drombach County (New-Asthel): 1,500 Krowns
  • Belerion Archipelago (Per-Bast): 1,500 Krowns
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When you see a Travel Post in a town, click it and listen to the NPC who'll be there. Once finished, they'll ask if you want to invest a certain amount of Krowns to set up the post. Don't worry about saying no. You can come back any time later when you feel you can afford to do so.

Are Wartales Travel Posts worth it?

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Whether building a Travel Post is worth it is going to be down to the individual player. I've found them very useful, and if you've got a lot of excess money, they're worthwhile. But if money is tight, you may want to hold off (training and upgrading Legendary Weapons is also expensive, for example). Here are the benefits of building a Trading Post:

  • Fast Travel: Once you have two or more Trading Posts set up, you can instantly travel between them. The only downside is that you still have to use food, and you'll miss any benefits you get from camping (Scholar, Happiness, Training Post, etc.).
  • Chest: You can leave as much gear and resources (anything in your inventory) at each Travel Post as you want. This is great for inventory and weight management.
  • Garrison: You can leave up to three of your Companions at each Travel Post if you feel you don't currently need them.
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It is also important to note that these items and companions will remain at the Travel Post you leave them at, rather than them being magically available wherever you happen to be nearest. However, this becomes less of an issue once you start to upgrade them (see below).

Upgrading Travel Posts - Trade Routes in Wartales

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When you reach level eight of the Trade and Craftsmanship Path you will gain access to the Pedlar's Guild. A Pedlar's Envoy will appear at your trading posts and offer to set up a Trade Route for you between two cities where you've built trading posts.

Setting up a Trade Route will cost you 1,000 Influence and 1,500 Krowns. Once built, you will gain the following benefits (along with an accessory from the Pedlar's Guild):

  • Movement speed bonus: You'll move 20 percent faster on trade routes, reducing food costs.
  • Reclaiming companions and items: You can claim companions or items from any location on your trade route network for 50 Krowns (per stack).
  • Access to the Pedlar: A Pedlar NPC will appear at the Trading Post at each connected location in your network. They sell a variety of random resources, which include flowers, food, and components. This can include unusual items such as White Leather, Honey, and Alazarian Powder.
  • Suspicion bonus: You'll lose Suspicion 15 percent faster while traveling between connected regions.

You can set up one new trade route each time you gain a level in the Trade and Craftsmanship Path, up to level 12. However, you cannot build a trade route to the Belerion Archipelago at this time, even if you have a travel post at Per-Bast.

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Wartales Travel Post guide (2024)


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